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Mr. Mauck is a visionary and servant leader who is redefining ​entrepreneurship in Aerospace, Defense, Government & Technology ​(ADG&T).

His deep commitment to empowering others, Jesse is a driving force behind ​several advancements in various industries. He directly promotes ​entrepreneurship through acquisition making meaningful impacts that ​extends beyond the boardroom. He is actively involved in philanthropic ​endeavors, leveraging his resources and expertise to support causes that ​make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities.

Whether it's advocating for equitable access in B2G or supporting initiatives ​that promote sustainability and stakeholder stewardship, Jesse ​consistently uses his influence to drive positive change.

Mr. Mauck's remarkable journey is a testament to the power of dedication, ​resilience, and the unwavering belief in one's ability to make a difference. ​Through his thought-provoking talks and mentorship, Jesse challenges ​conventional thinking and inspires others to embrace new ideas and seize ​opportunities. He inspires others to follow in his footsteps and encourage ​others to dream and do bigger!


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Early on in his career he displayed multifaceted skills, great ​at problem solving and conviction to the tasks at hand, ​which allowed him to adopt to most industries. He has done ​everything from being a Venture Capital Judge to Guest ​Speak on an expert panel for International Data Engineering ​and Science Association (IDEAS) in front of 5000+ people.

He found his niche in defense contracting, laser focused on ​supporting our nation’s veterans and military customers, ​bringing innovation, capabilities, and a unique strategy to ​help solve both sides.

In late 2023, he married Katherine, a DPT, and daughter of a ​PHD in Education and Microbiologist. They all keep him ​grounded, provide support, and perspective.

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The Book

“Amazon Best-selling Author” in ​Private Equity & Fundamental ​Principles of Finance.

His first book "The Acquisition Codex” - A Fast Track ​Guide to Closing Your First M&A Deal is currently sold in ​over 100+ online retail distributors worldwide including ​Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Walmart and others. He first ​published the early copies in December of 2022.

The Firm

Established 2018

Over 50+ Clients Served

Jesse Mauck is the Director & CEO of Zigr Inc., a ​boutique consulting firm focused on Aerospace, ​Defense, Government, and Technology (ADG&T).

Over the years he has acted as franctional C-Suite ​Executive on multi-million dollar projects ranging ​from renewable energy, to technology, ​construction, and real estate.

7+ Years Experience in:

Project Management & Entrepreneurship

5+ Years Experience in:


Private Equity

Mergers & Acquisitions

The Fund

Battle of Missionary Ridge

Understanding complex problems that transitioning vets face ​the fund solves the undervaluation of skills by strategically ​placing them in executive ​roles aligned with their military ​backgrounds, maximizing their expertise in projects and ​companies.

Unlike traditional VC, the fund leverages M&A transactions, ​tapping into diverse, creative financing ​methods and structures ​using seller financing, equity rolls, and earn-outs, providing a ​more versatile ​and robust investment framework compared to ​the limited options in traditional VC. The focus on M&A ​transactions mitigates risks by directing funds toward ​established companies with ​proven systems and refined ​business models, ensuring greater stability and sustained ​financial ​performance.

GOVFUND US LP is filed under SEC Exemption Regulation D 506(c), a Venture Capital ​Fund for Limited Partners (LPs) that are impact-focused Accredited Investors.

Fund Managers

Limited Partners (LPs)

- Accredited Investors

15% Pref

32% IRR Target

Return of Initial ​Capital in 24 Months




Carried Interest +

Management Fees

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(Limited Partnership)


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Veterans & Operators

Match The Funds To Acquire

Defense Contractors

Companies Scale & Provide Returns



Reg D 506(c) Venture Capital Fund SEC Filing CIK#0002006790



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Acquired July 2023

With the help of 3 Veterans, Teedup Inc, and Jesse Mauck ​through his M&A Firm, Zigr Inc., acquired Phoenix Group of ​Virginia Inc., a DOD contractor for $5.2m in July of 2023.

Organizational ​Involvement

Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA)

nonprofit 501(c)(6) organization and a professional association that focuses on bringing together individuals and organizations ​from the military, defense, intelligence, and security sectors. AFCEA provides a platform for networking, collaboration, and ​knowledge sharing among professionals involved in communications, electronics, and information technology.

Defense Entrepreneurs Forum (DEF)

A grassroots community that brings together military personnel, defense industry professionals, and entrepreneurs who ​are passionate about innovation in the defense sector. DEF hosts events, workshops, and conferences focused on fostering ​creative thinking and disruptive ideas within the defense community.

The Honor Foundation (THF)

a career transition program for U.S. Special Operations Forces that ​effectively translates their elite military service to the private sector and ​helps create the next generation of corporate and community leaders.

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